Our Company


When our company set out in 2001, we knew we wanted to develop a paint removal solution that solved all of the gaps in the market.


Our Story

The paint and coating removal industry is plagued by harsh chemicals that have proven to be harmful to employees and their surrounding environments. These chemicals are so toxic, they’re often prevented from entering the US. If companies wanted a paint and coating removal partner, they had to ship their coated products back and forth overseas to have them chemically stripped, risk etching and pitting from sandblasting, or even melt and remold them to speed production turnaround time.



Our Solution

Seeing an easier, more effective way to remove paint, we continue to make it our mission to reduce the environmental impact of paint and coating removal, while improving the end result.

From our suppliers to our internal processes and ultimately, our waste removal, we’re changing the way companies handle paint removal.

Rim Coating Removal

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Our Difference

Today, BLASTICS is delivering the most dependable, high-volume paint and coating removal solutions to automotive and aerospace manufacturing plants across the US.


Better paint and coating removal. Better planet.