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Q: What is plastic media blasting?

A: A process which, quickly, gently and precisely removes paint from hard surfaces by using soft, recyclable plastic granules. There's no pitting, no scarring, no warping, nor any other problem normally associated with sand blasting, sanding, or chemical stripping.

Q: How is plastic media blasting different than sandblasting?

A: In most cases, bare metal underlying paint or coatings removed by plastic media granules will not be vulnerable to rust. Unlike sandblasting or chemical stripping, the BLASTICS recycled granules do not penetrate protective coatings.

Q: How long does it take to remove the paint?

A: BLASTICS paint stripping is typically faster than traditional methods - most solutions are ready in 72 hours.

Q: What materials work well with BLASTICS?

A: The process works well on nearly all painted or coated surfaces. Our blast stripping rapidly and safely removes paint from steel, aluminum, fiberglass, acrylics without causing excess pitting, etching, or metal-expansion damage. Coatings can also be removed without harming the protective underlying coatings such as Alclad, anodize, phosphate or, in many cases, even leaving the primer intact.

Q: What are some applications for BLASTICS?

A: Few coated or painted products are too small or too delicate to undergo our damage-free recycled plastic media blasting. At the other end of the scale, our work on large vehicles, machinery and bulky equipment can be completed in amazingly short periods.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Call 502.863.2268 or email to get learn more about better paint and coating removal options.

Q: Do you accept smaller projects?

A: Absolutely! Call 502-863-2268 to discuss your project needs.