We’re Eco-Friendly


A Sustainable PAINT REMOVAL Process

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Sourcing Recycled Blasting Media

We use high-quality, 100% recycled, finely honed scrap products from leftover acrylic aerospace windshields to form our blasting media - repurposed and safely shipped within the US.

  • No single-use plastic material - recycled aerospace scraps

  • No harsh stripping chemicals - better for people and the environment

  • No overseas shipping - preventing recycled plastic media from entering the ocean and harming marine life



Proprietary Reuse

We’ve developed an innovative containment system to collect and funnel the recycled plastic blasting media back through our equipment so we can continue to reuse it until it is no longer effective.

  • No excess transportation - we’re located in close proximity to your manufacturing operation, reducing carbon emissions

  • No need to scrap or recast the defective pieces - reduces waste

  • No uncontrolled airborne contaminants - protecting the health of employees and the environment

Blastics Eco Stages-03.jpg

Better paint and coating removal. Better planet.